Please support Local Board spending on links into local path

27 February 2017

According to the draft annual budget 2017/2018, Orakei Local Board is prioritising spending on a link from Gowing Drive into the Glen Innes – Tamaki Drive Shared Path.

This is great news for locals! But this must still be endorsed with public support, so please confirm your support by filling in a feedback form! Consultation open until March 27, 2017 at

Orakei Local Board says:

“The development of the Ōrākei Spine – the shared path from Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive – is a transformational project taking place in our area over the next few years. The Board is funding some much needed links to the Ōrākei Spine, but with our limited budget we can only deliver so much. Therefore we are seeking your support to advocate to the governing body for funding for an additional connection between Gowing Drive and the Ōrākei Spine. This will provide access to the Ōrākei Spine between the Gowing Drive area and the north side of the Pourewa Valley, connecting the residents of Gowing Drive with Selwyn College and St Thomas’s School.”

Below are some images of Stage 2 of the path, which travels along the train tracks behind Gowing Drive.

Artists impression of the Glen Innes – Tamaki Drive Shared Path Stage 2, which passes through the Pourewa Valley to the north of Meadowbank

Stage 2 of the Glen Innes – Tamaki Drive Shared Path. There are currently no links into the path from the Gowing Drive area of Meadowbank, or into the area north of the path. We note that a combined north-south link to the path would enable children to walk to local schools St Thomas’s and Selwyn College.