Orakei Local Board – Public Meeting about Draft Annual Budget

Event Date: 23 March 2017

Orakei Local Board will be holding a public meeting about the draft annual budget for 2017-2018.

Date: 23 March, 2017
Time: 6pm
Location: St Chads Church and Community Centre, 38 St Johns Rd, Meadowbank.

What is the draft annual budget?

Every year Aucklanders have the opportunity to provide feedback on what the Council and Local Boards plan to spend their rates on for the year ahead. The budget is only a draft until feedback is taken into consideration.

Read the draft budget and give your feedback: http://www.shapeauckland.co.nz/consultations/annual-budget-20172018/

The draft budget includes spending on both local and regional projects.

Region-wide spending

Projects include: rates, tourism, housing infrastructure and a living wage for Council staff.

Local projects for Ōrākei Local Board

We have copied text from the Shape Auckland website below so you can read it here as it contains important information about spending on our defining local project: the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path.

Note: Even if you agree fully with the spending proposed below, please endorse it by making a submission, otherwise we risk funding being lost to other projects with more “noise”.


Message from the chair, Colin Davis

The previous Ōrākei Local Board achieved a lot for our community during the six years of the last two political terms. For the next financial year, the board will continue to deliver and complete projects you identified as a priority. Many of these have already been started and some are listed below.

We are making decisions in a fiscally constrained environment with rapid population growth and extensive regional investment to meet infrastructure demands. Despite the constrained environment, we will continue to advocate strongly to the governing body and Auckland Transport for funding, such as the suburban connections to the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive shared path. We will be making the strongest possible case for the necessary funding. To do otherwise would be to fail our legal responsibilities.

The Ōrākei Local Board area contributes significantly to the council’s and Council Controlled Organisations’ revenue through our rates and we are entitled to have a fair share invested back into our area.

What we plan to do

As noted above, our focus for 2017/2018 is continuing to deliver the projects and priorities you asked for during the development of our Local Board Plan. Some of our key locally funded projects for this year include:

  • constructing feeder-links to the Ōrākei Spine – the shared path from Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive
  • contributing to the development of multi-use changing rooms at Michaels Avenue Reserve
  • continuing our ecological improvements programme, including mangrove removal in Hobson Bay
  • providing contestable grants that empower our local community groups to achieve local outcomes.

Have we got our key projects right?

Based on our 10-year budget, in 2017/2018 we plan to invest $4.1 million to renew and develop assets in our local board area and $12.9 million to maintain and operate existing assets. This includes:

  • sportsfield, lighting and playground improvements at Michaels Avenue Reserve
  • sportsfield and lighting improvements and a new hockey turf at Colin Maiden Park
  • the Stonefields Heritage Trail
  • path improvements at Churchill Park.

Have we got these key priorities right?

The development of the Ōrākei Spine – the shared path from Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive – is a transformational project taking place in our area over the next few years. The Board is funding some much needed links to the Ōrākei Spine, but with our limited budget we can only deliver so much. Therefore we are seeking your support to advocate to the governing body for funding for an additional connection between Gowing Drive and the Ōrākei Spine. This will provide access to the Ōrākei Spine between the Gowing Drive area and the north side of the Pourewa Valley, connecting the residents of Gowing Drive with Selwyn College and St Thomas’s School.

What might change

We are proposing the following changes to what was planned for 2017/2018 in the Long-term Plan 2015-2025 and we are seeking your feedback on these:

  • Following the introduction of regional fees and charges for our venues for hire in 2015/2016 the local board subsidised some of our existing groups so they did not receive increases. In 2017/2018 the local board proposes to end this subsidisation so all community groups are treated equitably. This will result in a small number of community groups receiving increases to venue hire charges. However, they can apply to the local board for funding through our community grants programme, as are all our community groups.
  • The board believes that the Winter Splash event has run its course and plans to discontinue the event as it is no longer attracting high numbers of participants. The board is instead proposing to deliver additional movies in parks events in Ellerslie.

What do you think?

What do you think of these proposed changes? Have your say at http://www.shapeauckland.co.nz/consultations/annual-budget-20172018/