Monthly Meeting – May

Event Date: 9 May 2017

Our next monthly meeting is on Tuesday 9 May, 2017 at St Chads Church, Meadowbank. All are welcome.

Discussion topics:

Special Housing Area on Meadowbank Rd

***Update: We hoped to have Murdoch Dryden, developer of the Special Housing Area planned planned for 6-14 Meadowbank Rd to present plans, pictures and a timeline of the project. However he has advised he is still in negotiations with neighbours and so unable to present until June.***

Waiatarua Reserve

Carmel Claridge, Environment Lead from Orakei Local Board, has been investigating whether Waiatarua Reserve is being properly managed. If not it has impact on the water quality at Orakei Basin, as outflow from the wetlands flows into the basin. Carmel will give an update at our meeting.

Orakei Basin

Orakei Local Board are also looking into forming a governance group for the Orakei Basin.

Glen Innes – Tamaki Drive Shared Path

We will have a presentation on all options for Stage 4 of the path (from Orakei Station to Tamaki Drive) as well as updates on Stage 2.


Local transport issues

Our Transport Subcommittee, led by Noel O’Sullivan, will lead a discussion on local transport issues. See a current list of issues being discussed by our Transport Subcommittee. If you have anything to add, do come along.

Updates from Orakei Local Board

Our local reps Carmel Claridge and Troy Churton will update us on on other issues that affect us locally, including funding for Kepa Bush and Pourewa Valley, both of which will be accesible from Meadowbank from Tahapa Reserve when the GI – Tamaki Drive Shared Path is built (and if an underpass is built into the path from Gowing Drive).

Meeting time and location

  • Date: Tuesday 9 May, 2017
  • Time: 7.30 – 8.30pm
  • Location: St Chads Church, 38 St Johns Rd, Meadowbank.

See minutes from previous meetings on our Meeting Minutes page.


1. Local developments update: Murdoch Dryden, lead developer of the SHA at 6-14 Meadowbank Rd.

2. Transport update: Noel O’Sullivan, Chair of our Transport Subcommittee will update residents on issues we are working on. See the current list of issues being discussed by our Transport Subcommittee.

3. Future events:

  • AGM 2017

4. Updates from Orakei Local Board

5. General business

6. Other business