Meet Your Orakei Ward Candidates: Orakei Councillor and Orakei Local Board members

Event Date: 14 September 2016

Local elections are coming up – do you know who’s standing for our community and what they represent? Along with voting for our new mayor, you’ll need to vote for a new Orakei Ward Councillor and new Orakei Local Board representatives. Come along to our event and make your decisions on who to vote for.

Date: Wednesday, September 14 2016
Venue: St Chads Church, 38 St Johns Rd, Meadowbank
Time: 7.30pm (doors open at 7.15pm)

Orakei Ward Councillor

Represents our ward in Council. Four people are standing (and their affiliated organisations in brackets):

  1. Richard Leckinger (Green Party)
  2. Mike Padfield (Community Voice)
  3. Desley Simpson (C&R – Communities and Residents)
  4. Ian Wilson (Independent)

Orakei Local Board

Auckland Council delegates a lot of the responsibility of governance of our community to Orakei Local Board (OLB), and the Board advocates strongly for the communities they represent. See the Auckland Council website for the full responsibilities of local boards.

Four existing members will not be seeking re-election. Two members, Kate Cooke and Ken Baguley, are retiring, Mark Thomas is a mayoral candidate and Local Board Chair Desley Simpson is standing as Councillor for Orakei following the retirement of Cameron Brewer. There will be some exciting new faces representing our community soon.

14 people are standing for OLB:

  1. Troy Churton (C&R – Communities and Residents)
  2. Carmel Claridge (C&R – Communities and Residents)
  3. Colin Davis (C&R – Communities and Residents)
  4. Xiaoying Fu (Independent)
  5. Adriana Gunder (Independent)
  6. Richard Leckinger (Green Party)
  7. John Lilly (Independent)
  8. Toni Millar (C&R – Communities and Residents)
  9. Fleur Nixon (Independent)
  10. Mike Padfield (Community Voice)
  11. Kit Parkinson  (C&R – Communities and Residents)
  12. Rosalind Rundle (C&R – Communities and Residents)
  13. Dorthe Siggard (Green Party)
  14. David Wong (C&R – Communities and Residents)