Special Housing Areas and Developments

Three Special Housing Areas (SHAs) have been announced for Meadowbank and St Johns. All are in Meadowbank. SHAs are intended to help alleviate Auckland’s housing shortage by allowing developers to fast-track developments. Homes built in SHAs are intended to be in more affordable price brackets. For more details see the Special Housing Area page on Auckland Council’s website.

1. Auckland Council SHA on Meadowbank Rd – announced November 2015, and extension announced April 2016, marketed as SOTO Residences

The developer of this project, Murdoch Dryden, gave a presentation at our August 2017 meeting with detailed drawings from the architect Monk MacKenzie. View the presentation from this meeting.

Mr Dryden has already attended our August 2016 meeting, where we learned this development will include three buildings of up to seven stories, however plans are not final. View the full notes from this meeting.

Auckland Council’s website originally announced this development was for 45 apartments at 8-14 Meadowbank Rd. In April 2016, the development was extended to include 6 Meadowbank Rd. See the Special Housing Area page on Auckland Council’s website for details of the original project.

See also ‘Meadowbank Special Housing Area could be seven stories high‘ (East & Bays Courier, 4 July 2016).

2. Housing New Zealand SHAs

Housing NZ has two sites in Meadowbank on which they are planning to build SHAs.

  1. Puroto/Purewa Streets, Meadowbank (yet to begin)
  2. Koa St/Tahapa Cres/Meadowbank Rd (underway)

In 2015, Housing NZ lodged the following resource consent applications for both of these developments. View the original plans, number of houses and drawings: View plans for Meadowbank SHAs (3 November 2015).


In May 2017, we learned that Housing NZ has split the four sites on 9-11 Purewa Rd/6-8 Puroto St into two. Instead of building 12 dwellings on the original four sites, they have lodged a non-notified resource consent application for 11 apartments on 9-11 Puroto Street. See our news article Housing NZ applies for non-notified consent for 11 Apartments on Purewa Rd (May 2017).


Ockham Residential are developing a section at 4 Koa St to an apartment building with 14 apartments, communal pool and BBQ area. At our September 2017 meeting we heard a thought-provoking and compelling presentation from Ockham Developments (Helen O’Sullivan, CEO, Mark Todd, Managing Director) on the development at 4 Koa St (off Tahapa Crescent). This provided an invaluable insight into how the “Mixed Housing Urban” zones in our suburbs may evolve in the coming years. The presentation brought this to life by reviewing the plans and thinking behind the Koa St development, which envisages 14 studios and apartments and a swimming pool on a 630 m2 section. View the presentation from this meeting.

Page last updated 21 November 2017.