Update on Upzoning in Orakei Ward

15 March 2016

Shortly before Christmas, the Council submitted an amendment to their Unitary Plan submission. The amendment results in thousands of local properties being potentially upzoned. Most people affected had no opportunity to make a submission on these changes. Read our February newsletter article which explains it more in-depth.

On February 9, Orakei Ward residents associations and other interested groups hosted a meeting to protest the amendment. As a result of mounting community pressure, on February 23 Auckland City Councillors voted to withdraw the amendment.

Last week, Housing New Zealand (HNZ) appeared before the Independent Hearing Panel (IHP) on their Unitary Plan submission. The HNZ proposal largely supports the density levels of the recently withdrawn Council amendment. Were this level of density to be supported by the IHP, this would leave thousands of people without the right to submit on changes to the zone of their homes. We will keep you updated on any new developments.

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