Unitary Plan Unravelled

10 September 2016

On September 8, Judith Everitt and Sarah Codling from Ray White held a well-attended free community seminar about the Unitary Plan for residents of Meadowbank, St Johns & St Johns Park.

Topics discussed were:

  • The difference between zoning and rules
  • Zoning for different areas
  • Rules within the zones
  • Some insight into our ideas of what the future could look like in each of the zones
  • Allaying some fears about developer behaviour – particularly reiterating that development is an exercise of meeting the markets needs, and the market does not always want high density
  • The Special Housing Area development on the corner of Meadowbank Road, and the Summerset development in Parsons Paddock, using slides approved by the developers.
Judith and Sarah are offering private & home appointments to those who came to the event, but are also happy to extend that to the members of MBSJRA – for anyone wanting to know about the unitary plan, anyone wanting to add value to their home without overspending, or even just to know how the unitary plan has impacted their value or neighbours.

Contact Judith Everitt on 021 2777 844, email , or visit www.juditheveritt.co.nz.

Locals attend the ‘Unitary Plan Unravelled’ event hosted by Judith Everitt – a local resident, geographer and real estate agent.