Unitary Plan – Purewa Cemetery Driveway

27 September 2016

Following publication of the Unitary Plan last month, we compiled a dossier of background information in support of a possible appeal by Councillor Brewer to the re-zoning of the Driveway from Public Open Space (Cemetery) to Mixed Housing (Suburban).

The time period allowed for appeals is now up (other than any that may have made it to the environment court) and to our knowledge, no changes have been made to the zoning of the Driveway.

We expect many residents will be disappointed with this outcome, and notwithstanding that the Driveway is privately owned, will be keen to know what the Purewa Cemetery Trust Board (PCTB) intends.

We are considering how to best to take this matter forward, and look forward to engaging constructively with the PCTB in due course.

Before / after pictures in Unitary Plan


Purewa Cemetery Driveway – before rezoning in Unitary Plan


Purewa Cemetery Driveway – after rezoning in Unitary Plan