Thank you to Orakei Local Board

28 August 2016

Orakei Local Board has been instrumental in providing the Meadowbank & St Johns community with some wonderful neighbourhood amenities, and we are also very grateful for the funding that enables us to run an effective and engaged organisation.

Noteworthy achievements of the Board in our area include:

  • Rutherford Reserve Playground Redevelopment
  • Ruka Reserve Playground Upgrade
  • Public Information Evenings on topics affecting our local area – Unitary Plan, Long-Term Plan/10 Year Budget
  • Advocacy for PPP project to develop the Meadowbank Community Centre
  • Monthly attendance at MBSJRA meetings by at least one Local Board Member
  • Provision of Information to MBSJRA on local developments and transport projects
  • Support for, and attendance at all our events including Pourewa Valley Clean Up, Purewa Cemetery Open Day, Waiatarua Reserve Planting
  • Recognition of hardworking local volunteers at the Orakei Local Board Volunteers Awards.

As an organisation the Orakei Local Board can be very proud of the level of engagement of its Ward members. For example:

  • It is the only Ward in Auckland that has established Residents’ Associations in every suburb.
  • Orakei consistently has the largest number of submitters to Council across a range of issues
  • In the 2013 Local Body elections the Ward achieved the highest percentage voter turnout in Auckland at 41.4%.

These examples reflect the effort the Board has made in keeping abreast of the views within the community and encouraging the wider public to get involved in the consultation and decision making process. We are hoping to see an even better turn out in our Ward in this year’s elections.

Desley Simpson OLB Chair says, ”Elected representatives are there to serve the communities and ratepayers who elect them. It’s vitally important to listen and engage throughout the term to ensure decision making reflects the community views. Liaison with the Meadowbank St Johns Residents association has been a tangible effective way to ensure this happens.”

We would like to particularly thank Troy Churton and Kate Cooke, our allocated Orakei Board representatives, who have turned up regularly and sat through our monthly meetings – providing us with timely responses when information has been sought, and acting as liaison with Council staff as required.

We look forward to working alongside new and existing Board members in the coming term, helping to grow a strong, engaged, and healthy Meadowbank & St Johns community.

Desley at cleanup event

Desley Simpson with all the trash she found at last year’s Pourewa Valley Clean-up event!

troy churton photo

Troy Churton, who along with Kate Cooke, attends nearly every monthly meeting of ours.