Sports galore for Colin Maiden Park!

15 October 2016

The Colin Maiden Park Master Plan (which was adopted by Orakei Local Board on 4 August 2016) shows new facilities for hockey, swimming, gymnastics and more, plus accommodation for sports teams.


Colin Maiden Park was bought by Auckland Council (following strong lobbying by Orakei Local Board) in 2013.

Last year, Auckland Council consulted the public on their preferred use of the park and which sports should be represented. (See our news article ‘How should Colin Maiden Park be used?‘) The public was presented with three scenarios: each option showed different degrees of development and amenities for new sports such as swimming and hockey, buildings and car-parking.

The Master Plan was created from public feedback (with certain amendments) from these three scenarios.

The final Colin Maiden Park Precinct Master Plan was adopted by Orakei Local Board at a meeting on 4 August 2016, and subject to funding, shows how Colin Maiden Park will be developed for sport and recreational use.

The Master Plan

You can view the full plan at Further to the Master Plan document, the meeting minutes and meeting agenda provide further information.

In summary, the Master Plan shows:

  • Existing sports cricket, rugby and tennis retained
  • New sports accommodated in purpose-built grounds and buildings (or upgrades of existing buildings): swimming, hockey, AFL, gymnastics, basketball and football
  • Indoor training facility for hockey, cricket, rugby, football and AFL
  • The existing indoor netball courts building will be extended and will incorporate basketball
  • Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball and badminton can also be accommodated at the park
  • Children’s playgrounds, walking track and water fountains.

Before (existing)

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Click on the image to see a full-size view. Plus here is the full list of facilities at Colin Maiden Park.