Save our local bus routes

31 October 2015

Meadowbank stands to lose bus services in 11 roads with Auckland Transport’s proposed ‘hub-based’ transport network for Auckland, effective from 2017.

Auckland Transport hopes the new network will work in the same way as subway networks in other countries.

This means locals will have to walk further to main roads to catch the bus.

The Meadowbank roads that will lose bus services are:

  • Bonnie Brae Rd
  • Fancourt St
  • Grand Drive
  • Harapaki Rd
  • Meadowbank Rd
  • Parsons Rd

In St Johns:

  • Norman Lesser Drive
  • Felton Mathew Ave
  • Howard Hunter Ave
  • Panapa Drive
  • Grand Drive

Central Auckland is the last area to be consulted. Auckland Transport has modified its plans for other areas based on their feedback, so we must speak up now. You can give feedback on the proposals until 10 December.

To see the proposed routes, visit:

To have your say, visit:

To see the residents association submission, visit: