Questions For Our Future Mayor

17 April 2016

On Monday June 20th, we will host mayoral candidates at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). What would you like to ask the future mayor of Auckland?

We are inviting questions from the community and will choose four (two on general issues and two on local issues) to be put to the panel of mayoral hopefuls.

  • Perhaps you are concerned about rates rises or the UAGC level – the state of Auckland traffic – or the Auckland Council I.T cost blowout?
  • Will our next mayor ensure there will be adequate local links to the Eastern Path so that our kids can walk to school?
  • When will the Meadowbank Community Centre receive its much needed upgrade?

Let us know what’s bugging YOU! Send your questions to by April 30, and/or then join us on May 3 at our monthly meeting* when we will create a shortlist.

* Here’s all you need to know about our monthly meetings. All are welcome.