MBSJRA Participates in ImpactNPO’s Latest Charity Hackathon

10 November 2015

We were privileged to be chosen as one of four charities to benefit from ImpactNPO’s November “charity hackathon” – an all-weekend event where volunteer IT professionals give their time and expertise to help out non-profit organisations. The event was held on November 6-8, 2015.

We needed help to migrate our Excel database to a secure, online, cloud-based tool, and our wonderful team achieved that, and more! We now have:

  • A contacts database
  • An easy way of tracking paid memberships, given that memberships are paid by household (not per individual)
  • Easy ways to track our contacts’ organisations and affiliations
  • The ability to do monthly reporting
  • An automated ‘Join’ form which automatically populates our database with new member information.

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks go to our awesome team, from left to right: Ruth Mackintosh (MBSJRA Chair), Thomas, Samantha, Amanda (MBSJRA committee member), Jim, Varun, Eugene, Yuri and Paul. Absent from this photo are Barry (MBSJRA Membership Officer) and Grace.


And big thanks to:

  • ImpactNPO who organised the event and provided the amazing IT professionals and event coordinators, food, drink, stationery and other supplies
  • GridAKL Innovation Precinct who provided the venue, whiteboards, projectors, and wifi!