Local MP and Outboard Boating Club want to reroute Eastern Path through major intersection

21 February 2017

This video shows two options for Stage 4 of the Eastern Path. Stage 4 starts at the Orakei Train Station end of the Orakei Basin, and comes out onto Tamaki Drive. The two options are:

  1. Option A which follows the train line through to the southern side of Tamaki Drive
  2. Option B which hugs the Ngapipi Rd shoreline and goes through the Ngapipi/Tamaki Drive intersection.

It seems that our local MP Simon O’Connor and the Outboard Boating Club prefer Option B.

However Option A is more direct towards the city (700m less to travel), does not replicate the Ngapipi Rd route, and does not traverse a major intersection on the corner of Ngapipi Rd and Tamaki Drive.

We have undertaken an unscientific survey via a post on Facebook and respondents unanimously voted for Option A.

Which do you prefer? Email us at  or interact with our Facebook post.

More about the Tamaki Drive / Ngapipi Rd intersection

Lights have been selected to improve this intersection after a consultation period last year. More information:

Watch the video

The two options for Stage 4 of the path are shown from 3mins 50 seconds.