Eastern Path Updates – August 2016

27 August 2016

For a full list of updates, see https://at.govt.nz/projects-roadworks/glen-innes-to-tamaki-drive-shared-path/glenn-innes-shared-path-project-updates.

Eastern Path Sections

Stage 1 (Glen Innes – St Johns Rd)

Completion expected October 2016.

Stage 2 (St Johns Rd – Meadowbank Train Station)

On 18 August, Auckland Council published the Commissioners’ Recommendation for Stage 2 (St Johns Road to Meadowbank Train Station). It’s strongly supportive, but also requires NZTA and Auckland Transport to further explore north-south access ways and local links (which include links into the Gowing Drive area of Meadowbank).
Note that any access from Gowing Drive would require additional funding for land to be purchased and a rail overpass – this sounds expensive but we are hopeful this will happen.

Stage 3 (Widened Orakei Basin Boardwalk)

Resource consent for Stage 3 has been granted.