Demolition beginning on Purewa Rd/Puroto St SHA

28 February 2016

Housing New Zealand has advised that demolition of the houses at 4-6 Puroto St and 9-11 Purewa St will begin soon to allow construction on Special Housing Area-designated land.

Resource consent has been granted to remove four houses and replace them with 12 new homes. See our View plans for Meadowbank SHAs news article for detailed plans of the development.

We have attached letters distributed to residents about the demolition and asbestos removal.

The email from Housing New Zealand is included below:

Good afternoon

I am writing to advise that demolition work will be commencing on the above site shortly. I delivered a letter to all residents in Puroto St, Purewa Rd and both sides of Manapau St from the intersection of Tahapa Crescent on Tuesday. The work will be carried out in stages with asbestos removal first. The houses will then be demolished and removed from the site. I have asked our Delivery Manager about this work and the impact on the neighbourhood in particular the traffic congestion. He advises that the contractors will park their vehicles on the site and the Puroto St houses will be removed through the Purewa Rd entrance.

The letter sent to residents and fact sheet about asbestos removal are enclosed.



Marion Humphrey
Stakeholder Relationship Manager
Housing New Zealand Corporation

Demolition taking place in Purewa Rd, as seen on 2 March 2016.