Auckland Transport Announces New Bus Routes from 2017

27 June 2016

After public consultation earlier this year, AT has made slight modifications to its proposed bus routes for central suburbs from 2017 onwards. These changes were made public on 27 June 2016.

Changes that will affect Meadowbank & St Johns residents are as follows. See map below outlining the changes.

Bus routes removed

  • The 655 (and 685 express) which previously travelled from Glen Innes via St Johns, Meadowbank Rd, Remuera Rd to the city. Replaced by 729 (see below)
  • The 635 which travelled to the city via Norman Lesser, Panapa and Grand Drives. Replaced by 729 (see below).

New routes

  • 729, which will travel from Ellerslie train station to Glen Innes train stations, via Grand Drive, Meadowbank Rd and Gowing Drive.

New bus routes from 2017 Meadowbank & St Johns

More information

View the Central and East New Network summary document (27 June 2017) from Auckland Transport.