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Membership special offer – get in before Christmas

Posted: 11 December 2017

We’ve got a special membership offer for you!

Join us for our usual (very reasonable) annual fee of $10 per household and you’ll get around 17 months of membership until 1 April 2019. Hurry, this offer is valid only until 25 December!

Why should I join?

As a financial member you’ll be helping us run our Facebook page, website and create our monthly e-newsletter to keep you informed of what is going on in our neighbourhood. You’ll also be assisting with the costs of running our monthly meetings where everyone is welcome to attend. As a bonus, financial membership means you can also vote at our AGM.

Financial members support our mission to “Grow Community Together” by running events such as:

Our committee of hardworking volunteers is active in our community, and you’ll see the benefits of our advocacy on issues such as:

  • Working to improve pedestrian and traffic safety on Meadowbank Rd and St Johns Rd and other areas of concern.
  • Creating local connections to the $40 million Eastern Pathway that will link us with the city (the lovely picture in the header of this email).
  • Working to keep large scale housing developments such as Parson’s Paddock and Meadowbank Road as local-friendly as possible.
  • Better bus services and logical public transport links.

Great, how do I renew?

It’s easy to renew online, by filling in the form and make payment via online banking or cheque OR send a cheque for $10 made out to “Meadowbank & St Johns Residents Association” to us at P O Box 87285 Meadowbank Auckland 1742 OR funds can be deposited direct to our bank account 12 3086 0265926 (please ensure your family name and initials are shown in the Particulars, Code and Reference boxes) and email your full contact details to OR you can renew your membership in person at our next monthly meeting.


Movies in Parks comes to Meadowbank Saturday 24 March

Posted: 25 November 2017

We were very excited to find out that Meadowbank gets a Movies in Parks event at Rutherford Reserve on Saturday 24 March.  Movie from 7:25pm with pre-movie entertainment from 5:30 including a giant bubble show, circus games and workshops, small face painting and a roving entertainer – and hopefully lots of Meadowbank and St Johns residents out enjoying the evening. The movie is Despicable Me 3 rated PG (violence). Pack a picnic and see you there.

Come watch Despicable Me 3 at Rutherford Reserve on Saturday 24 March

New bus network: Meadowbank Train Station will be connected!

Posted: 25 November 2017

New bus network: Meadowbank Train Station will be connected!

AT have released the new bus network and, although the link below still says that the #729 link to Meadowbank Train Station is subject to further investigation, AT has just confirmed that this will go ahead, from the start of the new network, in July 2018.

Naturally, we are delighted about this outcome. We acknowledge the work of the Orakei Local Board: they have been meeting with AT fortnightly to work through this issue among other things. They have heard the overwhelming support from our members and residents generally. Not only that we want the bus service extended to Meadowbank Station, but that we regard this as a positive step to address the car parking challenges in the area.

To the more than 1,000 of you who got involved and signed one of Richard Roxburgh’s petitions, in the mall one Saturday afternoon, or at the station on a cold winter’s morning: give yourselves a pat on the back!

The details still need to be worked out, and our work continues, in particular as we advocate for a good level of service, and useful operating hours for the new #729 (note the correct description should be Ellerslie Station to Mission Bay via Meadowbank and Grand Drive). As you can see in the timetables in the same link the #729 is proposed to run hourly, and not after 9 pm weekdays and not on weekend evenings at all. This may work for transferring to your train, especially through the day when there’s a train every 10 or 15 minutes; but we don’t see this as providing a useful service for getting back on the bus from your train! Or for getting back by train from an evening in in the city, or Sylvia Park, or for that matter from the Mission Bay waterfront.

We’re also engaging with Auckland Transport about how to address the loss of a bus service through St Johns Park. Our proposals include routing the #729 bus through Norman Lesser Drive and Panapa Drive, though there may be other possibilities, and as always we are focused on the outcome (a bus service through St Johns Park) not the specific solution. At this stage it looks like we may have to wait until after the new network is up and running.

Transport survey

Posted: 28 July 2017

Transport has been a big topic for us in recent weeks and months.

We need your help! We’ve put together a short survey. It really is short: there are only 10 Qs, and it takes just a few minutes to complete. Please let us know your priorities for Meadowbank and St Johns, by filling in the survey at the link below.

We’ve been pleased to see some results, but it’s a subject that isn’t going away any time soon! There are plenty of issues and opportunities in our suburb, related to transport: the GI-Tamaki Path, our local bus services, increasing traffic, pedestrian safety, to name but a few.

We can’t get everything done all at once (though that won’t stop us asking!) so we’d like to know what you think should be our top priorities. We’ll share the results in the next few weeks.

Take the survey here.

Nominations open for 2017-2018 committee

Posted: 30 May 2017

Nominations are now open for our 2017-2018 committee. Come join us and be part of the awesome work we do for our community.

We have the following positions available for nomination:

  • Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Committee members

Please send nominations to  by June 21. You can nominate yourself or someone else.

Officers and committee members will be selected at our AGM on June 26, 2017.


Bus Petition #2: Bus link to Meadowbank Station

Posted: 23 May 2017

Last year, Auckland Transport announced the the New Network for buses in our area. For the full list of changes please see our news article Auckland Transport Announces New Bus Routes from 2017 (published June 2016).

After the New Network was announced, we (along with assistance from Orakei Local Board) helped local resident and association member Richard Roxburgh successfully petition Auckland Transport for a bus from Meadowbank to the waterfront (via St Thomas’s and Selwyn College), as we believed this was a crucial link missing from the New Network.

Now we are supporting our member Richard Roxburgh in another petition: this time for a bus service that connects to Meadowbank Station – one of only two stations in Auckland with no bus stop.

Information to consider when signing this petition

The purpose of the petition is to influence Auckland Transport to alter the Final Bus Network to extend the Meadowbank bus so that it travels to the Meadowbank Railway Station.
There are three reasons for this:

  1. Firstly, the current plan, in which bus 729 runs up Bonnie Brae Road and turns right into Meadowbank Road means that there is a walk of 550m from the closest bus stop to the station. This walk is a significant barrier to the use of the trains both from the viewpoint that it is time-consuming (the idea of bus-ing to Meadowbank Road then walking for 10 minutes and then catching the train is a journey that only a serious enthusiast would consider). More significantly, for many residents who are elderly or disabled, the walk which is up/down a considerable hill is simply impossible.
  2. Secondly, the announcement of a change to this bus route so that it will run along Kohimarama Road to Mission Bay, though hugely beneficial for Meadowbank and St Johns residents in other respects, removes the connection to the Railway Network at Glen Innes Station. The only connection between this bus route and the Rail Network would therefore be at Ellerslie Station. Extending the 729 bus-route to Meadowbank Station will restore the local rail connection.
  3. Thirdly, Meadowbank Station has very limited street parking so that currently commuters are parking on residential streets throughout the day in many of the Meadowbank streets, commonly extending up to the Meadowbank/Te Hapa Crescent intersection. This can only be alleviated by an efficient bus connection.

Map showing the potential for a link to Meadowbank Station in the New Network

In the Final Plan Auckland Transport was to consider this option “subject to further investigation” and obviously one of the issues being investigated is the number of parking places that will have to be removed to accommodate a bus stop at the station. Even if the number of spaces is as high as has been mooted (22) the benefits of a bus-rail connection outweigh this because as twice as many passengers will be able to use the bus/train service each hour as are currently using these car parks.

Download the petition form: Meadowbank Bus Station Petition Form (PDF)

Note: Richard Roxburgh undertakes only to use the information that you provide in this form specifically for the purpose of this petition. He will present it to Auckland Transport but not share it with any other third party.

Bus petition win!

Posted: 18 May 2017

We are delighted to hear from the Orakei Local Board at our meeting last week that Richard Roxburgh’s bus petition has been successful.

What this means is that next year, the New Bus Network will include a new service from Meadowbank to the waterfront at Mission Bay via Kohi Road, right past the front gates of St Thomas’s School and Selwyn College.

Here is a news article in the East and Bays Courier today: (Note: The article mentions school bus services, but this is a regular bus that everyone can use…and hopefully include evening services so we can get to the waterfront bars and cafes without having to worry about finding a car park or who’s driving home.)

We’re very grateful to the Orakei Local Board for their behind the scenes advocacy on our behalf to Auckland Council’s transport committee, and to Auckland Transport for showing flexibility even after the official consultation period had ended to adapt their plans to provide better connectivity for our community.

We’re still keen to hear more about a whether a connection can be made with Meadowbank Train Station, and we remain concerned about the loss of service along Norman Lesser Drive and Panapa Drive.

But for now: a huge thank you to all 258 of you who signed the petition, and to everyone who made individual submissions to Auckland Transport during the consultation process. Give yourselves a pat on the back! It’s great to see that our collective efforts can bring results.

Housing NZ applies for non-notified consent for 11 Apartments on Purewa Rd

Posted: 18 May 2017

Housing NZ has doubled the density of its original Special Housing Area plans, and applied for consent to build 11 apartments on the sites of 9-11 Purewa Rd. There will be three 3-storey buildings and one duplex on the site.

Housing NZ’s original application in 2015 was for 12 dwellings in total on the four sites 9-11 Purewa Rd and 6-8 Puroto St.

We are concerned that the new consent was non-notified, meaning locals do not get to have a say. We are also surprised that all of the dwellings are to be Housing New Zealand houses, not mixed ownership, so they are of no help to anyone trying to buy an affordable starter house, which was the original purpose of the Special Housing Area idea. Furthermore, the building design is sorely lacking on what is a beautiful site and right next to the future Glen Innes – Tamaki Drive Shared Path.

We do not know what is going to happen with the remaining land on 6-8 Puroto St.


Exerpt from a presentation by Grant Dickson to Orakei Local Board, 18 May 2018


For detailed information about the development from Housing New Zealand, view the following documents:

In addition, local resident and neighbour to the development Grant Dickson has put together a PowerPoint presentation about the development and its potential impact on neighbours, which he delivered to the Orakei Local Board at their meeting on May 18.

Picture showing the four sites of the Housing NZ Special Housing Area at 9-11 Purewa Rd (right) and 6-8 Puroto St (left)

9-11 Purewa St site

Drawing showing the four buildings containing 11 apartments planned for 9-11 Purewa St

Meadowbank Rd to get speed tables and crossing facility

Posted: 10 May 2017

Auckland Transport recently sought feedback on their proposal to install traffic-calming ‘raised speed tables’ on Meadowbank Rd, one of which is also a pedestrian crossing facility.

We are delighted that this proposal is going ahead. We have been strong advocates, along with many locals, for a safe crossing point and speed reduction measures along this road.

Please read Auckland Transport’s feedback summary letter, which addresses an amazing 22 points made by locals, including:

  • Why this is not a pedestrian crossing
  • Why the road isn’t being widened
  • etc.

Feedback Summary Letter – Raised Speed Tables on Meadowbank Rd (PDF)

Consultation Plan – Meadowbank Road copy

April 2017 Newsletter

Posted: 27 April 2017

Our April newsletter is out now and full of local news, events and info.

View it at