About Us

Our society aims to promote the general well-being of the people of Meadowbank and St Johns, and encourage them to be active participants in a thriving and vibrant community.

We are an incorporated society (#2576041). To view the current rules of our society in full, please visit the Companies Office ‘Societies and Trusts Online’ website and search for ‘Meadowbank and St Johns Residents Association Incorporated’.

Building community

Our tagline is ‘Growing Community Together’. We want to help people in our community get to know each other better, share resources, and find out about opportunities they might not otherwise have.

All residents (and people interested in our area) are welcome to attend our:

  • Monthly meetings: We meet meet monthly (generally on the first Tuesday of every month) to plan future events and discuss current issues
  • Information evenings: We hold regular information evenings on topics of interest to all residents. See our History page for a list of past events
  • Special events: Throughout the year we support events from other community organisations such as  Neighbours Day Aotearoa, Orakei Local Board and Auckland Transport.


We provide a bridge between our community and government / local bodies, including the Orākei Local Board, Auckland Council and Auckland Transport.

Our association frequently holds meetings to help residents understand how future plans affect our area. Representatives from the relevant governing body attend these meetings to listen to our concerns and answer our questions.

Together we can advocate for the resources our area needs to thrive. As an organisation we make submissions on behalf of the association on all consultations that affect our community. We also encourage residents to make their own submissions. Recently we have made submissions on:

  • the Auckland Unitary Plan
  • the Orākei Local Board Draft Plan
  • Auckland Transport Parking Discussion Document
  • Auckland Long-term Plan / 10-year Budget.

We will keep you updated with current consultations via our  News pages.

Our supporters

Orākei Local Board